How does our service work?

  • Over 90% of repairs are done within 4 working days including the time required for transport of the device to and from the service,
  • Per each 100 sold machines, only 3.5 on average are returned for repair work. Therefore, the ratio of devices leaving the warehouse to machines returning for warranty repair of Gröne brand does not exceed 3.5%,
  • We try to approach each repair case individually. Goodwill for the client is our hallmark.
  • The service operates in the door-to-door mode. However, you can also deliver the machines to our sales partner where you bought them. Do as you like,
  • Machine checkup within its warranty as well as its transport to and from the service within the warranty is free of charge,
  • We provide our consumers and professionals with 24-month-long warranty without any additional registration procedures.

Terms of warranty

KAEM Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. with a seat at ul. Rzemieślnicza 14, 62-081 Baranowo near Poznań grants warranty on the territory of the Republic of Poland for the products offered by the Seller under the terms determined by the document herein.

The warranty refers only to products implemented on the market by KAEM Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.

The due date for the granted warranty amounts to:

  • 24 months from the day of purchase;
  • in case of consumer sale, i.e. documented with a receipt as a proof of purchase - 24 months from the day of purchase;
  • in case of other promotion campaigns - on the terms resulting from separate documents.

The warranty shall be respected upon delivery of the following items by the Client:

  • original, legibly and correctly filled in warranty card;
  • returned product with an original and legible rating plate;
  • in special cases (e.g. lack of annotation regarding the date of sale) - the proof of purchase of the returned device.

The warranty card is properly filled if it contains legible:

  • name of the product and its manufacturer's serial number;
  • date of sale;
  • contact data of the sales partner and the purchaser of the machine.

The prerequisites for warranty acceptance on the terms resulting out of this document are:

  • using the device under the warranty along with its user manual and intended use, especially in the scope of correct exploitation and device maintenance;
  • the damage is a result of the existence of hidden defects in materials or defective production of the returned device.

The guarantor can claim the choice of the method of satisfaction of accepted guarantee claims (free of charge repair, exchange of the product for a new one or termination of contract).

In case of acceptance of complaint - the period of warranty is prolonged for the term of repair.

The faulty device along with required documents shall be delivered to a sales partner where the device was bought or sent in a proper way, secured for transport to a Grӧne Central Service in Baranowo, via transport company providing service for KAEM Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. The transport company data providing service delivery: made available each time upon Client's request by KAEM central service.

Contact data:

KAEM Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.
ul. Rzemieślnicza 14, 62-081 Baranowo near Poznań

[email protected]
tel.: +48 61 816 30 05
fax: +48 61 816 30 50

In case of acceptance of the complaint, the cost of delivery of the device shall be borne by the Guarantor.

The warranty does not cover:

  • damage reported after the end of the warranty period;
  • devices repaired or converted by unauthorized persons;
  • damage resulting out of the user's fault;
  • damage resulting out of the environment influence and improper device storage;
  • mechanical damage and damage resulting out of the influence of foreign objects;
  • damage resulting out of improper exploitation and device maintenance, e.g. element locking, clogging mechanical parts with paint;
  • damage resulting out of constant motor overloading (motor winding overheating);
  • damage resulting out of exploitation against its intended use, against the law or occupational health and safety rules or against its user manual;
  • normal wear of parts connected with exploitation with their limited durability, e.g. carbon brushes, accessories, belt drives, oil, etc.;
  • repairs which serve regulation of cut or damaged power cords;
  • complaints arising out of technical parameters of the device, in so far they are in accordance with the parameters provided by the manufacturer;
  • damage resulting out of an improper selection of the device;
  • damage and improper work caused by exploitation with improper power supply parameters.

The warranty is contractual in nature and parties accordingly exclude different arrangements.

The Purchaser should demand from the Seller issuing the commodity for which warranty is granted to check the compliance of labels on the commodity with the data contained in the warranty documents as well as check the state of safety devices placed on the commodity.

The warranty for a sold consumer commodity shall not exclude, limit or suspend the Customer rights arising out of: inconsistency of commodity with the agreement (in case of Customers making a purchase due to reasons not connected with the carried out business or professional) and the implied warranty for defects of the sold item.

Correctly filled warranty card example



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Warranty service:

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Painting units Specialist:

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